Skyline Games Compatibility List


Because many have asked what game problems can be played on the skyline, this time I made this post aiming to share about what games are already compatible on the skyline.

Skyline is another open-source Nintendo Switch emulator that has suddenly seen a surge in demand for ARMv8 Android gadgets. Utilizing the Skyline Emulator, you can play 100s of Nintendo Switch games. This emulator is under development from the last few times it is stable and ready for download unlike other Nintendo Switch emulators skyline does not require a native regulator to play the game. It has a built-in regulator and the game can be played with almost no regulator.

if you want more info just check this Skyline and Discord Group Skyline
 Need a skyline app? click this link Download Emulator Skyline or prod key just visit this page Download Prod Key for Skyline


Click the link below to search for compatible games in Skyline or just to check what bugs are in the game you are trying to play :

Github Version | Site Version


PS : 

Idk what version this problem is from or maybe only in Edge v20 or v21 but if you are using EDGE v21 and your SOC is under SNAPDRAGON 8 GEN 1, READ THIS! If the DIRECT MEMORY setting is CHECKED, after playing Skyline, you need to RESTART/REBOOT your cellphone, because there is a bug in Skyline, namely MEMORY LEAK

The condition is if the MEMORY (RAM) DOESN'T INCREASE after closing the program (skyline), the result is after you close the skyline application, your phone will be like slow This source was obtained from v21 update logs Do it at Your Own Risk :)

A different addition for Egg NS which features download for Skyline external driver, you have to download the manual to use the external driver, please choose accordingly: 


List of games for Nintendo Switch For now there is no final version for skyline, I will continue to update about the development of this application


If you get Broken Links/Missing/Dead Files or want to request a game just leave a comment below :)

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