About Us

Devalca is a Communities, we share games for probably the most requested handheld control center, As Nintendo 3DS, Switch, WII U, PS VITA, PC and so on.

We share roms and emulators for PC and Android smartphones. We're focused on making it easier for players to find the games they love. Our goal is to bring all modern/newer console game lovers together in one place, which we believe will be a great experience for everyone.

We understand and respect the rights of game developers. We would always recommend, if you can afford it, buy the game, it will thank you for the effort.

We strive to provide our users with a better experience interacting with the site, and we always encourage you to report any issues you encounter. You can also contribute to devalca.com (one of the best modern gaming sites hehe) by submitting new games to our archive.

So keep visiting our site and spread the word about our games and news to virtual entertainment and your fellow players. We're always working hard to expand the scope of our games. Additionally, we are extremely busy solving problems during this time. We value your important ideas and criticisms.

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"If You Like The Game Then please buy it for Support The Developers Thanks."