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This is the shield version where you will find pokemon that are not in the sword version, for the rest it's the same as pokemon sword only it's special, the description is the same you can get dynamx, giganx and others and also you can use the update dlc which is where we will open 2 special maps to get other special stories in Pokemon Shield as well as Pokemon Sword, so for those of you who don't know you don't have to download these 2 versions if you just want to enjoy the game, because you can also get Pokemon Pokemon which are usually in here, except special pokemon for example misdrafus.

ohh, one more thing, the dlc is also the same as the sword version where you can get urshifu and it's the same, you can only evolve 1 even if you do breeding, so don't be disappointed if you choose the wrong one or intend to get 2 evolutions.

I've played 2 versions of this Pokemon, but I think it's enough just to download 1 too, because there aren't too many changes I'm just suggesting it, but if you want both, there's nothing against it.

don't forget to download the dlc and update it if you want to enjoy all of its features and updates are useful for fixing bugs that used to exist in this series and adding certain features

but if you just want to try it, you can just download version 0 or the base game, you don't need to download everything, besides, I think version 0 is quite stable if your device supports the specifications needed to run this version on consoles and for the emulator of course the same as your device


Pokémon Sword Switch :

Title ID: 0100ABF008968000

Release Date: November 15, 2019

Genre:  Adventure, Role Playing

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Game Freak

Region: [Europe, USA, Asia, Japan]

Languages: English

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Firmware: Base – v8.1.0

Firmware: Base – v12.0.0

Rom Type: NSP


Download Bases Links eShop NSP Version :
Part1 | Part2 | Part3

Download Update Links:
v1.3.2 - (v458752)

Download DLC's Links:
DLC's Pokemon Shield


If you get Broken Links/Missing/Dead Files or want to request a game just leave a comment below :)

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